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Opportunities for Security As A Service

With a rapidly changing security landscape, opportunities for contract services abound as customers want solutions that can grow and change with their businesses.

Recurring revenue within the alarm industry has been the lifeblood of alarm dealers for decades. On the integration side of the physical security industry, however, many security integrators have historically had little or no recurring revenue. That continues to change as more systems integrators view recurring revenue as a strategy to help their companies weather individual storms of recessions, economic dips, and other market influencers. On top of that, what’s happening around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated security integrators’ push to become true managed services providers and long-term partners with their clients, as demand for services such as remote monitoring and on-demand analytics are high right now, say those in the industry. There are several opportunities for security integrators to offer security services; and the “as-a-service” model can come in many forms from hosted and/or managed video or access control to app or remote access abilities to maintenance or professional services to IT and cyber security services. And, the experts SDM spoke with overwhelmingly believe that now is the time to ramp up these offerings.

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