Gary House Gary House

Owner & IT Architect

As more than just an average IT professional, Gary House’s experience transcends commercial enterprises and into private interests, government agencies, and related Federal procurements. With active presence in the Department of Defense and Department of Energy and international expertise, Gary’s decade of experience within the IT profession is marked by his ability to provide comprehensive IT solutions to more than just businesses, but to local, state, and federal government organizations as well.

Gary’s progressive experience within the industry includes significant expertise in managing network infrastructure, software systems, databases, cyber security programs, and telecommunications needs to effectively align businesses with meaningful technology and security solutions.

For nine years, Gary worked with Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) as their Chief Information Officer (CIO). In this capacity, Gary planned, designed, and managed the PSI IT infrastructure, staff, and resources. Doing so required extensive knowledge of identifying inefficiencies while streamlining processes by leveraging technology systems. Gary also managed IT, cyber, and integrated security projects for government and security clients, proving his knowledgeable capabilities in both sectors.

Gary received an Associate’s degree in Applied Science from Hagerstown Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Studies from the University of Maryland. He also holds many other industry standard technology certifications.

With a passion for ongoing learning and a well-founded base in numerous key IT proficiencies, Gary’s ability to bridge technology gaps and perform in all functional areas of business operations makes him an ideal professional for IT services. Now, Gary can streamline your organization as well, providing 360 degrees of total IT coverage to optimize processes and take your business where it needs to go.