Today, cloud-based services serve multiple functions. Not only do they save time and money, but they also forge invaluable communication channels within your organization while also creating backups of your data. As a result, cloud-based solutions can greatly simplify your workspace through leading technological solutions that protect while providing reliable, scalable, and affordable results for your workplace.

Convenient Solutions That Work With Your Workplace

At Dem360, our 360 degrees of services include the following cloud-based solutions:

  • Web Hosting – Cloud-based web hosting is available on a variety of different platforms, allowing us to find the right, custom-tailored solution for your business.
  • Microsoft Services – Microsoft offers your business a hands-off approach by taking care of updates and service packs for you. With a variety of services available to simplify your office communication and sharing, the benefits are endless. Dem360 offers the following Microsoft services:
    • Microsoft Exchange Email – As the world’s most popular email solution, Microsoft Exchange Email offers businesses the ability to share calendars, contacts, resource mailboxes, and task lists. With real-time sync to mobile devices and access using the web, this service keeps your world connected.
    • Microsoft Sharepoint – Expanding beyond just email capabilities, Microsoft Sharepoint allows you to share documents and files in a scalable, secure, enterprise-level portal environment. Subsequently, Microsoft Sharepoint can easily function as your organization’s Intranet.
    • Microsoft Lync – For further enhanced communication, efficiency, and integration, Microsoft Lync can help. Real-time collaboration is possible for voice, video, instant messaging, application sharing, and conference. With an easy-to-use interface, all users will be able to connect in a simple, straightforward manner.
  • Offsite Data Backup – Critical data needs premium backup solutions. At Dem360, we offer both desktop and server cloud backup solutions. This protects sensitive information from loss, identity theft, and regularity violations with policy-based hosted encryption services that are both secure and simple to use.

Bring Your Workplace Into the Cloud

Cloud-based services allow you to bring your team and other businesses together like never before. Convenient, reliable, and affordable, cloud-based services are your comprehensive solutions for bridging communication and protecting critical data.

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