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New Jersey – The Garden State Goes Green

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program Expanded

The 2020 election proved to be a win for the cannabis industry in the great Garden State of New Jersey. Voters overwhelmingly opted to legalize adult-cannabis use, sparking an onslaught of new opportunities for both their own business community and the cannabis vendor community.

Seeing new states come online is just the start of this green revolution that is already underway. With retail and cultivation facilities already under DEM360’s eagle eye security planning in New Jersey, this was an opportunity for us to really dive deep into expanding our footprint.

As the industry continues to evolve, we expect to see new regulatory updates come down the line. Anytime a state legalizes, there is a rush in the business environment to become the next big cultivator. Often times, missteps along the way because of the misinterpretation or unknown regulatory requirements to new players in the space, becomes costly for new facilities. We’ve already jumped those hurdles and navigated those hoops to ensure the upmost, iron-clad security compliance.

The work with TerrAscend has laid the foundation for DEM360’s cannabis security in New Jersey. Fifty plus facilities across the country with Harvest House of Cannabis has given us the knowledge and efficiency new facilities need. Avoid the missteps. Don’t spend money you don’t need to. Time and efficiency is the true divider between successful installers and those just jumping into security in the next “buzz” industry. Bigger isn’t always better. Count on DEM360 as your experts in cannabis security.