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IT Support
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IT Support

Managed or On Demand IT Support When You Need it Most

At DEM360, we offer both Managed and On Demand IT Support, allowing you to customize services based upon your company’s unique needs. As the only source that can fulfill all of your technology needs, we offer:

Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services, your company will feel the full benefit of an in-house IT department without us actually being in-house. This is made possible by the use of our DEM360 agent installed into your environment. Of course, this means that you get IT as a service (ITaaS) at prices that you can actually afford, giving you peace of mind in more ways than one. Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • 24/7 IT Help Desk
  • NOC Support
  • Desktop/Server/Network Support
  • Software Updates, Patching, Proactive Maintenance
  • IT Security Controls
  • System Monitoring
  • System/Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Technology Planning
  • Contingency Planning and Business Continuity Support

On Demand IT Support

Emergency situations happen in business. However, what matters is what you do to prepare yourself when issues arise. With On Demand IT Support from DEM360, you can have the support that you need when you need it most. We bill on an hourly basis and in no time at all, you will be up and running once again. Our On Demand IT Support services include:

  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • Desktop/Server/Network Support
  • Hardware Failure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • General Technology Support

Complete Solutions for Your Organization

SMBs, corporations, and government agencies alike all rely on one thing: exceptional IT services. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Managed IT Services or On Demand IT Support, DEM360 can do it all.

For more information about how we can improve your company’s processes, contact us at 301.850.0646 or by email at

IT Security

IT Security is more important now than ever before. From security assessments, email security, firewalls, password policies including Multi-Factor Authentication, all the way to threat remediation, DEM360 will offer full support from our security operations center (SOC).

  • End Point Security
    Benefit from our SOC with unlimited monitoring and remediation of threats.
  • Network Security
    Scared of being hacked? Our network security monitors for threats constantly using industry-leading SIEM. Get real-time analysis of alerts that may affect your business.
  • Protection
    Train your staff for security awareness, lowering chances of any malicious activity. DEM360 offers risk profiling, risk scoring and further awareness training.
  • Email Security
    DEM360 partners with Untangle and Barracuda, offering protection against spam and phishing, and protecting you with encryption.
  • Firewalls/Web Application Firewalls
    Control incoming and outgoing traffic with a firewall. Ensure your company is safe from threats or targeted attacks, letting you get down to business.

Cloud Services

Today, cloud-based services serve multiple functions. Not only can they save time and money, but they also forge invaluable communication channels within your organization while also creating backups of your data. As a result, cloud-based solutions can greatly simplify your workspace through leading technology solutions that protect while providing reliable, scalable, and affordable results for your workplace.

Convenient Solutions That Work With Your Workplace

At DEM360, our 360 degrees of services include the following cloud-based solutions:

Web Hosting

Cloud-based web hosting is available on a variety of different platforms, allowing us to find the right, custom-tailored solution for your business.

DEM360 is a Microsoft and Amazon partner so we can deploy hosting solutions in both Azure and AWS environments. We also partner with Cloud Accel’s multi-cloud solutions.

Virtual Server Hosting

A virtual server hosting environment provides you with a dedicated resource on a server, reducing your hardware costs and letting us worry about the rest. Whether deploying on-prem or cloud hosting, we can perform cost benefit analysis to see what makes the most sense to your organization.

DEM360 deploys both VMWare and Microsoft virtual environments.

Microsoft Office365

Microsoft Silver Partner

Microsoft Office365 offers your business a hands-off approach by taking care of updates and service packs for you. With a variety of services available to simplify your office communication and sharing, the benefits are endless. DEM360 offers Microsoft Office365 support to include: Exchange email, Sharepoint, Microsoft Office licensing, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Cloud Backup

Critical data needs premium backup solutions. At DEM60, we offer both desktop and server cloud backup solutions. This protects sensitive information from loss, identity theft, and regularity violations with policy-based hosted encryption services that are both secure and simple to use.

Bring Your Workplace Into the Cloud

Cloud-based services allow you to bring your team and other businesses together like never before. Convenient, reliable, and affordable, cloud-based services are your comprehensive solutions for bridging communication and protecting critical data.

When you’re ready to bring your organization into the cloud, contact us at 301.850.0646 or by email at

There’s been a paradigm shift in security. Everything falls back on networks, IT, and servers, which is something DEM360 already knows well.

Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic Security Solutions That You Can Count On

Security measures today are much different than they have been in the past. With more technologically-driven solutions and premium quality devices, your business, regardless of its size, will be more secure than ever before. DEM360 offers multiple security solutions, including:

Video Surveillance Systems

IC Realtime

DEM360 is a systems integrator of both CCTV and IP security products. Partnering with ICRealtime for the best quality cameras, we offer installation and monitoring support. For use in your retail, manufacturing, or office environment, DEM360 can customize a video surveillance system to meet your needs.

  • HD Video recordings and displays you can view remotely
  • High resolution IP cameras showing crisp images
  • NVR storage solutions to hold recordings as long as you need Scalable multi-site deployments

Access Control


Partnering with 3XLogic, access control offers organizations a way to address physical security risks and improve physical security posture. Access control solutions from DEM360 give you flexible control over individuals allowed in

PlateSmart Technologies Logo

buildings, allowing you to protect your staff and any sensitive information. Regardless of the size of your business, we have the solution to match. DEM360 also partners with PlateSmart allowing controlled access via vehicle license plate technology.

  • electronic door systems
  • gate controllers
  • Employee mustering
  • Vehicle identification using PlateSmart

Intrusion Detection Systems

From purchasing and installing alarm equipment to making sure your facility is fully functioning and safe, DEM360 will keep your intrusion detection system up to date and running continuously, protecting your assets 24/7.

  • Duress Panic Buttons for any emergency situations
  • Hard-wired and wireless systems
  • Alarm monitoring, including a central monitoring station available 24/7 through Dynamark UL-certified central station
    Dynamark Monitoring Logo
  • Partner

Security is Our Top Priority

At DEM360, securing your premises and sensitive information is our top priority. With advanced solutions that protect your organization from a physical security perspective, the benefits to be had are significant.

For more information about how our capabilities can secure your business, contact us at 301.850.0646 or email at

Complete Networking Solutions

Voice and data services are an essential component of your business that shouldn’t be left to just any professional. Often, companies fail to realize the importance of finding specialists to implement proper telecom and data providers and, as a result, issues typically arise.

DEM360 has partnerships with leading telecommunications and data service providers. This means that you get more than a solution; you get a consultative evaluation of your voice and data services to ensure that you’re getting everything that you need.

Your One Stop Shop for Complete Networking Solutions

For all of your infrastructural needs, DEM360 has a solution. Our comprehensive range of networking solutions including the following services:

  • Voice and Data Network Cabling
    Our extensive experience allows us to design, install, and build flexible cabling infrastructures for your business. This includes structured systems that support multiple voice, data, video, and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. As a result, you get a system optimized specifically for your organization’s needs.
  • VOIP Solutions
    Our partnerships with top telecommunications and data service providers and phone system vendors gives us the ability to provide you with highly personalized services for your organization. By evaluating your current voice and data services, we can provide you with an improved solution at a price that you can afford. Additionally, you have the option to choose whether you want your phone equipment managed in a hosted environment or on the premises.
  • Data Services
    By partnering with one of the most reputable data and telecom organizations, we have access to over 100 data and telecom providers for your business. This means that we can evaluate your best option based upon your needs, delivering meaningful solutions rather than generic results. DEM360 can provide Cable, DSL, T1’s, T3’s, Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC), OCX, and Fiber carrier services.

Optimized Networking Solutions Await You at Dem360

With countless premium partnerships with the data and telecom industry, DEM360 is well-equipped to be your comprehensive provider for complete networking solutions. For customized solutions that suit your business, contact us at 301.850.0646 or by email at

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