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IT Security is more important now than ever before. From security assessments, email security, firewalls, password policies including Multi-Factor Authentication, all the way to threat remediation, DEM360 will offer full support from our security operations center (SOC).

  • End Point Security
    Benefit from our SOC with unlimited monitoring and remediation of threats.
  • Network Security
    Scared of being hacked? Our network security monitors for threats constantly using industry-leading SIEM. Get real-time analysis of alerts that may affect your business.
  • Protection
    Train your staff for security awareness, lowering chances of any malicious activity. DEM360 offers risk profiling, risk scoring and further awareness training.
  • Email Security
    DEM360 partners with Untangle and Barracuda, offering protection against spam and phishing, and protecting you with encryption.
  • Firewalls/Web Application Firewalls
    Control incoming and outgoing traffic with a firewall. Ensure your company is safe from threats or targeted attacks, letting you get down to business.