The COGAR Group

DEM360 has been stellar at problem-solving and moving us along, with not only our little computer problems, but our big moments of crisis. DEM360 has been delivering stress free customer service/tech support for over two years and we are a very satisfied customer.

Beltsville Development

Dem360 has always been there when our company has needed them. Whether it is around-the-clock network monitoring or integrating a new server into the workplace, all services requested have been completed in a professional and timely manner.

Allegany Optical

I have been working with Dem360 for several years and I am very pleased with their service. They are very helpful in explaining how websites work and they do a great job constructing our websites. Dem360 is quick to respond to changes or any issues that may arise.

Cole Stevens

Cole Stevens, LLC is a salon industry business and it is important for us to be on the “cutting edge” of technology. Dem360 has helped us grow in ways that helped make our guests and employees feel appreciated, understood and cared for with great support in computer software, operating systems and security systems.

Nik Bredy

Dem360 has been providing SolBre Corps IT services since its inceptions. The services and features provided are comparable to the likes of the big tech giants but they maintain their prices at an affordable rate; especially for small business.

Dem360’s 24/7 Clients Support Services has been an intricate part of the planning, construction and implementation of SolBre Corps IT infrastructure and Cyber Security program.